Buffing Techniques-Overlooked

Hello, welcome to dennisautosupply.com In the next couple of minutes will be talking about what to expect when detailing the finish. The exterior. There are somethings you need to know before we get started. Once you can master the techniques in using a buffer, then you achieve more customers and better relationships with them, Get … Read more

Detailing / Engine Compartment

Probably one of the least areas we will ever keep clean. Why?cause it’s covered and none can see it, until you open the hood. It’s mostly a fear of how ugly it can get how high or how low it is and how hard it is to keep clean with all the different surfaces. From … Read more

Detailing Phaze 2 Interior

Hello in this article I’m going to talk about cleaning the interior, and why it’s important to follow thru with the same name products., from protectant and glass cleaners for the inside. No matter what part of the car truck or RV there’s always a specific product for that type of job. When I start … Read more

Auto Supply/ Phase 1 “Detail System”

Hello, this is dennis@dennisautosupply.com within these pages is the right info you need to find what you are looking for. Whether it’s learning a new trade from sandpapers to “detail systems, “to safety protection, we’ve got you covered. No one has what you are looking for all in one place. SAFTEY/ What to Wear No … Read more